Millions To dos…

The loads of stuff there still is to do in my life…

TD01: Go to an aquarium
TD02: Get a tattoo
TD03: Start with clay works
TD04: Go to a concert
TD05: Read more books
TD06: Skinny dipping in the ocean
TD07: Try Archery
TD08: Read all books from my favorite authors
TD09: Cook every dish of a cookbook
TD10: Horse riding
TD11: Be an extra in a TV show
TD12: Lay in the grass and observe the stars in the sky
TD13: Go to an art museum
TD14: Grape stomping
TD15: Apply for my dream job
TD16: Dance in the rain
TD17: Learn how to make a fancy desert
TD18: Buy a lunch for somebody who needs the 10 bucks more than I do
TD19: Bake a rainbow cake
TD20: Donate blood
TD21: Take more chances at work
TD22: Spent a week without phone reception
TD23: Floating lanters
TD24: Driving a motorcycle / Vespa
TD25: Go Zorbing
TD25: Go for a dinner in a 3 star restaurant
TD26: Volunteer in a soup kitchen
TD27: Meet a hero
TD28: Take parents out to a fancy dinner
TD29: Host a dinner party
TD30: Go White water rafting
TD31: Try to cook dumplings on my own
TD32: Buy something at Prada to wear
TD33: Make a house a home
TD34: Take a class to learn something new; e.g. how to make cheese, chocolates, cooking, whatever…
TD35: Send a handwritten letter to a friend
TD36: Clean out the apartment
TD37: Volunteer in a hospital or retirement home
TD38: Join a theatre group
TD39: Do zip lining
TD40: Do Standup paddle boarding
TD41: Start a personal blog and actually contribute content
TD42: Ride in a helicopter
TD43: Save coupons and actually go shopping with them
TD44: Attend a Salsa dance class