It’t time to see the world…

The world is a village.

T01: New Zealand
T02: Boston
T03: Road trip to Key West
T04: Do a road trip with a loved one
T05: Alaska
T06: Cannes
T07: Italy
T08: Barcelona
T09: London
T10: Go on a safari
T11: Hawaii
T12: Travel Europe (Italy, France, Paris, London)
T13: See Paris from top of the Eifeltour
T14: Visit Big Sur (Highway 1 – California)
T15: Visit Taj Mahal
T16: Visit Vatican City
T17: Go to the Champagne area in France to have some wine tastings
T18: Visit a lavender farm (France,, Lavender by the Bay: New York)
T19: See the northern lights
T20: Visit the Grand canyon in Utah
T21: Visit the Yellowstone National Park
T22: Visit the Zion National Park
T23: Visit the Amish Country