In no longer than 6 weeks the next vacation is going to knock on my door. And it will lead me to no other place than California. An awesome road trip through the valleys, the coast line and the national parks of the west coast.

And to start this trip in the right manner it is time to lose some weight to fit into the summer clothes from last summer. The shorts, the shirts, the bathing suit…

Because of a lack of healthy food in the cafeteria we decided to cook for ourselves in the next couple of weeks. We will cook something in the night and bring leftovers to work. Theoretically that sounds great. Now comes the practical part.

Our plan:
– Only healthy food that is not pre-processed like bread and cake, no sodas
– Leave out sweets and artificial sugars, except for cheating days of course
– Take mostly with fresh ingredients
– Eat what we cook at night, leave out carbs for the night
– Bring leftovers for lunch the next day
– In the morning have something healthy as well, any kind of oats like shakes, oatmeal, etc
– In between Healthy snacks like fruits, vegetables, yoghurt and nuts
– Drink more water
– Add sports, some cardio and exercise, to the menu

And most important… NO counting of calories. Just enjoying the food.

So this is the plan. We are no great and awesome chefs. Before this we just cooked up something once in a while. But we are going to try.
Now it is to stick to the plan and hope for the best.